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Dear Reader,

There Is A Monster Consuming The World.

It's consuming you and me. It’s consuming our family and friends, our colleagues and clients, and potential clients.

Its name is Overload and it feeds on Attention. It sucks your focus second by second, eating up your valuable days, and there’s only so much time and attention to go round.

How do we get our own message out? How do we make ourselves heard? How do we compete against the ravenous beast when we have to make more of an impact, with more people, in less time?

Telling personal, authentic stories can be a laser-focused missile aimed right at the heart of the Monster.

But only if you do it right!

If you don’t craft your stories precisely. If you don’t know how to judge the right story to tell the right audience at the right time you end up being the person at the party who everyone avoids.

    • Maybe you can’t get them to listen at all and you feel like the ignored kid at the back of the class, his hand up while everyone else gets heard.
    • Maybe you manage to grab their attention but then you confuse and lose them because you’re trying to say too much. You feel their concentration slowly slipping away.
    • Maybe you hold their attention. They seem entertained and informed by your words but they don’t take action or follow up because they don’t feel strongly enough.

With all that competition for our attention, no one wants to feel cheated by clickbait headlines or manipulated by sleazy sales copy that plays to our worst fears. We don’t want meandering chatter and irrelevant gossip that wastes our time.

I believe we want to be touched by something authentic.

We want to connect with people who understand our shared experience.

and we want to feel we’re serving a community bigger than ourselves.

That’s why I’d like to coach you personally.

I’ll teach you to take your own experiences, your successes, and failures and turn them into authentic stories that communicate who you are, why you’re here, and why we can trust you.

Over three sessions together we’ll create a personal syllabus covering the skills that will immediately make the biggest impact on your communication.

This is not an “online training” where we follow a fixed process. It’s a one on one, live video dialogue between us that goes deep and personal.

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Before you decide this is right for you, book your free discovery session and we’ll find out if we’re a good fit. Think of it like a “virtual” coffee break. We’ll have a chat and share stories and you'll get to experience what working with me will feel like.

Why work with me?

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve spent 30 years trying to get my message out to an audience with plenty of other things on their mind.

  • Selling open-air theatre shows to busy festival crowds.
  • Teaching personal development skills to reluctant Business undergrads.
  • Managing change in dysfunctional companies, stuck in a rut.
  • Coaching high achievers at top companies to reach higher than they thought they could.
  • Explaining complicated software to confused customers.
  • Creating positive change for people struggling with life’s challenges.

With my background in theatre and psychology, I became fascinated by the power of stories to create real lasting change in people's lives. I became expert in the “dark arts” of hypnosis and N.L.P and that’s how I ended up creating, with my old friend Igor Ledochowski, the most pirated storytelling course in internet history. (It's included when you sign up for your free email course.)

Book your free discovery session

Want to know more but not yet ready for personal coaching?

I've got you covered. Sign up for your free email course below and I’ll teach you:

  • How to “read the room” so you know what stories you can and can’t tell.
  • How to generate stories from your own personal experience- even if you think nothing ever happens to you.
  • Eight types of stories you need to tell so your audience will like and trust you.
  • How to shape and craft your stories so they draw people in.
  • How to tell the same story in an hour or a minute- so you never lose your audience again.
  • Plus, you'll get free access to over 8 hours of video content on storytelling.